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Discover Silestone. Kitchen+Bathroom.

The Highest Quality Quartz

The indisputable leader in countertops for over 25 years, Silestone natural quartz possesses the strength, durability, and beauty you need for your home. Silestone’s unmatched technical properties make it the perfect material for all types of applications, including kitchens, bathrooms, cladding, flooring, and more. Discover its different colors, textures, and formats, which require minimal jointing and maintenance, backed by a 25-year transferable warranty.


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Stain Resistant

Silestone’s low porosity guarantees zero liquid absorption.
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Acid Resistant

Silestone is ultra-resilient to external attacks such as acids.
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Shock Resistant

Silestone’s impact resistance is unmatched by other surfaces on the market, including granite and solid surfaces.
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Scratch Resistant

The natural strength of the material gives Silestone outstanding resistance to scratching.
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